Word From Director:

There’s still one….” What Does That Mean?

In John 4:4, the Bible tells us that Jesus “must needs go through Samaria” (KJV) or that he “had to pass through Samaria” (ESV).  What was the reason for this?

It was not because there was no other way to Galilee.  I believe it was because there was one person and one town that needed what Jesus had.  Jesus meets a woman that is all by herself at a well and by the time He is through ministering to her she goes into town proclaiming all that He had said to her.  In the end, a whole town believes and repents.  But it all started with just one lady alone at a well and a Savior, willing to take an uncommon route to Galilee, coming together for the purpose of the gospel.  This explains the meaning of “There’s still one.”

You see, rather than Jesus entering a town full of people and proclaiming the gospel (many times He did minister this way) He focused on one lady in need and by doing that He not only won her heart, He also won the heart of all the people of the town.  When we see the vast need in this world, it can be overwhelming as to how one person can make a difference.  But when we focus on what God has placed before us, we notice the one that needs Jesus.  Once we focus on the one, the task before us becomes automatically easier and less intimidating.  In other words, if God has given us the task of winning a town to Christ it is done by winning the individuals one by one.

There’s still one….” means that there is still one person that needs saving, one person that needs encouraging, one person that needs equipping, one town that needs the gospel, one community that needs loving, etc., etc., etc.  If we are to fulfill the Great Commission we need to see what God has placed before us and see people as individuals or the one and begin to minister to win the one.  From the one individual, we end up ministering to many.  Remember, Jesus had a reason to go to Samaria.  What is your reason?  Where is your Samaria?  Christ has given you a reason and has given you a Samaria because “There’s still one….”