Mission USA is passionate about spreading the love of God and making a positive impact in communities around the country. Your donation will help us fund essential programs and initiatives that support our mission. Our goal is to raise $30,000 this First Fruits season, and with God's favor and your help, we can meet and exceed our goal. 

What does the First Fruits offering help MUSA accomplish?

  • Provide educational opportunities for pastors, leaders, and members through THREE yearly continuing education events at no charge. 
  • Host the Youth Leadership Summit for students, which seeks to pour leadership skills into young men and women whom God has called into the ministry. 
  • Assist districts in planting or bringing in new churches around the country. Since 2019, 24 churches have been added to the CHC in the United States. 
  • Design and publish resources, information, and educational materials throughout the year. 
  • Provide scholarships for CHC students, pastors, leaders, and members. We have given over $30,000 in the last four years in scholarships. 
  • Provide support for other ministries in the CHC and so much more. 

Pray for Mission USA and help us reach our goal by giving a $50 gift to the department today!