A Plentiful Harvest Rev. Lance Crews

Lance Crews and Family

A Plentiful Harvest

Rev. Lance Crews


As we approach the summer season the Lord has been dealing with my heart about what he said in Matthew 9:37-38. Our Savior let us know that the harvest is never an issue; it will be there. The concern is with the laborers in the fields! God has always had a harvest in all generations of people, but the laborers are often so few. There needs to be an urgency to reap this last day harvest as it is nearing an end! In my prayers I often find myself compelled to petition God to call and send forth laborers into his harvest. There’s so much potential in so many believers, but I’m afraid that there’s a lack of sacrifice in this generation. There’s no burden to do the work of God.

As a Pastor, I can confirm that sacrifice is required to fulfill the call, and to be a laborer in the Lord’s harvest. However, it’s worth it all and the Lord has blessed me and my family as we labor for him! I want to encourage anyone that is a child of God to ask the Lord to put you to work in the harvest that he has before us! Remember that in Genesis 8:22 that the Lord said while the earth remains that there will be seedtime and harvest.  Another scripture that came to my mind is- Proverbs10:5:  He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame. My prayer is we don’t get slack and sluggish when we should be laboring for the Kingdom of God. It would be terrible to leave fruit ripe on the vine, unharvested due to a lack of laborers. This is true also in the Spirit! God has a great harvest before us. In John chapter four Jesus told the disciples, “don’t say there are four months until harvest, but lift up your eyes the harvest is ready!” Our Lord was always focused and laboring to reap the harvest. He often went out of his way to reach one soul.

My friends, there is nothing better than working in God’s field, and there is a mighty harvest before us. Let us labor like never before for the multitudes that are lost and in need of a Savoir! Pray that God would send YOU into his harvest!