Acts of Kindness

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The Sanderson Congregational Holiness Church in Sanderson, Florida, has a great burden for people in their community. For the last seven years, the leaders of Sanderson’s youth ministry have faithfully gone into the community to pick students up from their homes and bring them to Sunday and Wednesday night services. Over the years, they have seen numerous students have their lives radically changed by the Gospel of Christ.

Typically, when students would come to the church, they would always find a meal prepared for them, and many depended on it. When COVID-19 began to spread, and churches had to change the way they were ministering, the youth department at Sanderson decided if their students could not come to the church building, they would go to their students. The leaders and workers in the youth ministry began buying essential food items such as bread, milk, lunch meat, and chips, cereal, and other things, and delivering them once a week to the homes of their students in their community. They wanted their students to know that the church loved them and had not forgotten about them even during the national pandemic.

After several weeks, Sanderson’s student ministry leaders reached out to the local school system. As a result, now every Monday, the youth ministry at the Sanderson church delivers over 160 meals to students in the area. These small acts of kindness indeed show the community around the Sanderson church the great love that Christ has for each person. Youth leader Bobby Muncy said this opportunity has allowed them “to check on our kids and show them that their church is still there with them.”