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Dear Pastor,

It has come to our attention that some local or state mandates are requiring a letter stating the purpose of getting out of our homes and going to our churches to continue to minister. We understand that many of our churches are ministering by live-streaming or recording their services to be distributed online. Should you need such a letter to give to the authorities if questioned, we have developed a template for you to place your name on and print out to keep in your car.

A few instructions:

1) The letter is in a Microsoft word document that I am including in this email. Download The Word Doc Here.

2) You must open the document and type your name in the first paragraph (there is an apparent blank space for this).

3) Your name on the letter MUST MATCH YOUR NAME ON YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE. Please make a note of this and put it accordingly.

4) Print off and place in your car when you travel to your church or place to minister.

5) Please do not change the wording in this letter in any way.

Financial Help For Churches

As I am sure you are aware, President Trump signed into law a stimulus bill to help the economy in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Included in this stimulus package is help for small businesses and non-profits, this includes churches.


The help is available in the form of Small Business Loans. These loans are given from your local bank under the CARES Act that was just passed by Congress. The loan is to help your small business/church keep the same number of FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES from a period of February 15- June 30, 2020. The money received from a loan may only be used for certain types of expenses such as Payroll Costs, Mortgage or Rent Payments, Utilities. A full list of what is allowed can be found and explained in the link here.


General Headquarters is in the process of finding out more information, and we will pass along whatever info that we obtain. This opportunity is something that churches need to act on quickly if you so choose to apply.


To get the best information, call your local bank that your church uses to get the latest news. You may also contact Bishop Charles Hanson or Dr. Matthew Turner for more information at 770-228-4833.