Go Serve Lake City

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“Something instead of nothing” was the heart cry of Welcome Congregational Holiness Church in Lake City, Florida. Pastor Lance Crews and church leaders were determined not to allow COVID-19 to keep them from loving and serving their community.


Pastor Crews shares, “on August 8th, we conducted a drive-thru backpack outreach, where we filled the backpacks full of school supplies. On a normal year, we always hand these out at the end of our annual VBS, but due to COVID-19, we were not able to have our VBS. We wanted to do something instead of nothing! I like that title, and it was my motivating theme, “Something instead of Nothing.” We were able to give 225 children a backpack for school. The community thanked us for doing this for their children. A lot of the kids in the cars were thrilled and told us how much they loved their backpacks. Many of the backpacks had bibles in them as well as the other supplies.”

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