God Speaks Vision 900 Miles Apart

During two recent trips to local CH churches, I was amazed at the passion for community outreach. What was even more amazing to me was how the Lord seemed to speak almost identical words to pastors and churches that are 900 miles from each other.

The first church where I saw this taking place was in Baton Rouge, LA. Pastor Melvin Vueso and his church, Casa De Dios, have a heavy burden for the people of their community. They have begun, with the completion of their fold-out trailer, setting up in parks and at city events to minister through song and preaching. Here are some pictures of the ministry in Baton Rouge.

Nine hundred miles away from Baton Rouge in East Rockingham, North Carolina is Place of Grace CHC. Pastor Gary Richardson and the church have also heard the call of the Lord to reach out to their community. The church has a unique call to minister to people who are homeless, those who are struggling with addiction, and to whom life has been unkind. One of the ways the Lord has helped them to do this is by using a trailer that folds out into a stage. Below are some pictures of the ministry in North Carolina.

The Word was simple, “minister to your community.” God also provided a way to do the ministry in almost identical ways. I was speechless to see how God was moving in both communities. Thanks be to the Lord for His goodness!

-Matthew Turner, D.MIN.

Mission USA Administrator CHC, INC.