God’s Spirit Moved Mightily on the First Day in Office


Today, August 2,  has been an extraordinary day at the General Headquarters of the CHC. The CHC office celebrated and sought the Lord as Bishop Scotty and First Lady Redenna Poole begin the term of General Superintendent. The Spirit of the Lord filled the Bishop Charles Hanson Memorial Conference Room as the headquarters staff called upon the Lord to bless Bishop Scotty and the CHC worldwide.

The celebration began at 11 AM with Dr. Matthew Turner, the Mission USA administrator, leading those in attendance by expounding on scripture in 1 Kings 1:32-35. The symbols of the office of the General Superintendent were presented to Bishop Scotty and First Lady Redenna, and their significance was explained. The Gavel of authority, which will be used at the 2025 General Conference, was given. The Desk Plate, which represents the seat of the General Superintendent, was given and will be placed on the desk in the General Superintendent's office. Finally, the picture of the moment Bishop Scotty addressed the General Conference on June 10, 2021, was offered to be a reminder that it was the Lord who worked through the will of the people who placed Bishop Scotty in the position of General Superintendent.

After the presentation, Rev. Roland Arrowood, whom Bishop Scotty considers his pastor, came to share encouragement and admonish Bishop Scotty and First Lady Redenna. Rev. Arrowood and all who were in attendance gathered around Bishop Scotty and First Lady Redenna and anointed and prayed over them that God would guide their steps, anoint their work, and bless the Congregational Holiness Church. Following the laying on of hands, Rev. Arrowood and the General Headquarters staff prayed over the office of the General Superintendent that this new term would be granted great favor and blessing.


As the service ended, we were all reminded of the goodness of God who has brought us to this time and place. It is He who deserves all the honor and glory, and it is He who has promised to keep us as we continue to work for Him.