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Mission USA desires to educate men and women and guide them from accepting their calling to holding a license with the Congregational Holiness Church. The Ministerial Internship Program is a two-year process if taken in its entirety without stopping, that helps build a working knowledge of Scripture, the history of the Church and the CHC, practical guides and helps for future ministry work, and much more.

Click the link below to download a MIP license application

The Leadership Qualification Course is a study covering eight topics that strengthens a persons leadership skills within the Congregational Holiness Church. Once completed, the LQC qualifies an ordained minister to be nominated to a position on the General Committee. The following is a list of the eight class taught.

1. Procedure Basics
2. Conducting Meetings
3. History of CHC, Inc.
4. Church Conflict
5. Pastoring Pastors
6. Ministerial Burnout
7. Church Finances
8. Commitment to Integrity

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Mission USA is proud to offer FIVE different scholarships for members of the Congregational Holiness Church. The 2023 deadline is May 1st. If you would like to download an application, click one of the links above. Once completed, send all documents to matthew@chchurch.com.



The Youth Leadership Summit will be held on September 4-6, 2020. Mission USA believes in training our students to become leaders both now and in the future. The Youth Leadership Summit is a weekend designed to pour into our youth the importance of the CHC and to help guide our youth to discover the God-given talents and abilities within them.

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