Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez

National Overseer

In the year 2000, Juan Martinez joined the CHC church here in the country of Belize. He lives in the district of Cayo, St. Matthews Village. Juan serves as pastor of the CHC church in St. Matthews, where they have multiple services and community outreach throughout the week.  He also travels to two communities, More Tomorrow and Concepcion, where he is evangelizing and working to establish churches. Juan is married to Carmen and they have 9 children and many grandchildren.

Juan says "I am joyful for what God has called me to do and I do this for the glory of God."

Information About Belize...

Belize is a beautiful and rural country. From the beaches of the Caribbean to the mountains at the Guatemala border, Belize is a diverse country.  Even as the country is diverse in terrain, so are the people. With many different people groups, it is easy to see why Belize is beautiful and full of life.

From 2005-2017 the work in Belize has undergone several significant changes. In 2017 Juan  Martinez was established as Overseer the ministry is reaching into new areas of Belize. Evangelism and discipleship are key in establishing the church.  As Belize is open to the gospel the time is right to expand the Kingdom of God by going into even the remotest parts of the country.

Happening in Belize...

Service in More Tomorrow
Church baptizing in Cave Branch River.
Church baptizing in Cave Branch River.
Land purchase in More Tomorrow

Top Needs:

  • Bibles                                  $2-5 per Bible
  • Small Truck or SUV             $4000+
  • Material for Roof Repair     $1500
  • Training for New Leaders    $Time

Prayer Needs:

  • Open doors into new communities.
  • Provision to accomplish ministry.
  • Evangelism.
  • Raising up young leaders.