Jose Rubio

Jose Rubio

National Overseer; Central American Repersentative

Jose has served the CHC for over 50 years.  He began working with Hugh and Lousie Skelton at the beginning of the work in Mexico.  Through the years he has been instrumental in spreading the word of God through Mexico, Central America, and several countries in South America.  There have many miracles during Jose's ministry and that shows how God honored all he was doing.  He has established many schools and churches during his service.  He currently serves as National Overseer of Mexico and Central American Representative for the CHC.  Jose lives in Mission, Tx with his wife, Mary, and they have three lovely daughters and several grandchildren.

Information About Mexico

In October 1963 Hugh and Louise Skelton along with Josue Rubio began a Sunday School in Reynosa.  From there the work began.  It was not always easy but it was always fruitful.  In Reynosa, the first church, Vive la Hermosa, was established. Then from that first church, there are now over 300 churches and the work is still growing.  There have been many miracles, salvations and many men and women called into the ministry.  Mexico is a fruitful harvest field with still much to be accomplished.