North Griffin CHC Invests In Students With Music

In April 2019, North Griffin CHC began a new student ministry involving music lessons. One church member said, “we want to invest in our students for their future, but also we hope that they will use what they learn here at our church.”


North Griffin committed to pay for six months of guitar lessons for up to 20 students. The students meet every Thursday from 6-7pm with the guitar instructor. The students started with the basics of learning to play the guitar, and over six months will build upon what they have learned.

The church not only paid for the lessons for their students but also collected donated guitars for the students who did not have one. This new ministry began with nine students who have been excited to learn how to play guitar. “We see this as an investment in the Kingdom and our church. We hope that after six months, the parents of our students will continue the lessons and develop what started at our church even further.”


When you pray, remember these students who are learning to make a joyful noise to the Lord. Also, pray for North Griffin CHC as they continue to invest into the next generation.