Record Attendance At The 2020 Youth Leadership Summit!


The 2020 Youth Leadership Summit was offered online due to the safety restrictions in place in Georgia. Mission USA gathered some fantastic speakers to encourage students to seek the Lord and what calling He has for them. With the help of B-Two Media, Mission USA produced eight sessions that covered a wide range of topics, all designed to challenge students to think about God's calling on their life.

The Summit began with two videos from Dr. Turner, which first welcomed the students to the YLS and explained how all the videos would work and how mission USA provided printable worksheets to go along with many videos. The first session covered the subject of "Who We Are," which highlighted the Congregational Holiness Church's importance and shared its characteristics as a pentecostal denomination. Evangelist Beth Stephens-Johnson taught the second session on the calling of preaching. Rev. Johnson used personal stories of her calling to encourage those who may have been beginning to walk in the call of preaching God's word. The fourth class, "Creativity in Ministry," was lead by Sis. Anna Turner, who used her gift to teach a lesson about how students can use their creative abilities for the Lord. In this technological age, churches need artistic young men and women to help them share their vision and mission on social media, the internet, and other platforms. The CHC World Missions Executive Director, Rev. Scotty Poole, taught the fifth class on "Missions" worldwide and at home. Missions are at the heart of CHC ministry, and it is vital to continue to teach its significance to the coming generations. Following Rev. Poole was, Sis. Redenna Poole, who taught a class on "Worship Ministry." Sis. Poole encouraged students to open their hearts to the Lord and pour on Him their worship through serving Him in ministry. The sixth session was led again by Dr. Turner, who led a study on "Leadership Integrity." Sis. Carley Broyles led the final session about "Serving as Students." Students were challenged to use where they are now to serve God publicly.

Here are a few testimonies from students of the 2020 Youth Leadership Summit:

"I really enjoyed listening and learning the things that will help me as I am finding God’s will for my life. I looked forward to being in the meetings, but I am glad that the leaders still took the time to put the videos together to teach us. Thank you for YLS and all of the resources that were made available to me. May God bless you. Thanks again." - Hannah Wilkes - Age 13

"Every year, the YLS impacts me greatly, and truly allows me to think of ministry and my calling in a new light each year. This year, the 2020 YLS allowed me to expand my ideas of what ministry consists of, and truly realize that there are more aspects to ministry than many people realize. When you think of ministry, people always just think of the basics, which is missions, preaching, and music ministry. While these are all important, it's even more important to think of the others, like creative ministry, and realize how the gifts that God has given each of us all work together to better and grow the Kingdom. Overall, 2020 YLS greatly impacted me, and allowed me to put more thought into the ways that God has called me, and how I can incorporate the gifts He has blessed me with to operate in the calling." - Hannah Ledbetter - Age 17

"2020 YLS has impacted me by being able to hear more about missions and encourage me to keep going and following the Lord even during these difficult times we still need to be followers of Christ and listen to the Holy Spirit and to serve no matter how young or old we are God can still call us to where he wants us to be in his timing and in his will." - Emily Hutton - Age 19

Although the Youth Leadership Summit looked different in 2020, this year's attendance doubled that of 2019. In all, 42 students completed the 2020 YLS. Those who completed the YLS received a certificate of completion and a 2020 Youth Leadership Summit tee shirt. Mission USA continues to work and provide training for students, pastors, and CHC members to help people understand more about their calling and how to walk in that calling. Keep up with Mission USA and every CHC ministry department on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the denominational website.

3-Preaching Ministry
4-Creativity in Ministry
6-Worship Ministry
8-Serving As Students