Serving Like Jesus


So often, we read of Jesus going to where people were rather than waiting on them to come to Him. Jesus would go into a crowd of people to preach to hundreds and heal the sick. Jesus would also go out of His way to meet with one person who needed Him. He displayed kindness and care that His followers should emulate.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our CH churches have gone to extraordinary lengths to display the kindness of Jesus.  Pastor Julio Diaz and his church, Casa Familiar Church in Austell, Georgia, continuously show the people of their church and the community around them, what it means to be a follower of Christ. During the pandemic, Casa Familiar has loaded bags of groceries with pantry and kitchen basics and delivered them to their church family. On one such occasion, 52 families in different cities received these bags of blessings from the church.


Along with the groceries, inside each bag was a letter from Pastor Julio and church. Pastor Julio said, “We gave them a letter of motivation, letting
them know that we love them during these difficult times.” As the caravan of cars arrived at the homes, the church team would honk their horns and make a lot of noise to “create excitement and attract the attention of the families.”

The church group would get out of their cars and line up in the yard of the family and hold signs that displayed different messages such as: “We are praying for you, we miss you, we love you.” Deliveries started at 11 AM and lasted until 8 PM that evening. Many families were served and encouraged through the efforts of Casa Familiar Church.


The testimony of Casa Familiar Church is just one of many Congregational Holiness Churches who have not allowed the current pandemic to slow them down from being the hands and feet of Christ. To God, be the glory for all the things He has done!