Welcome CHC Colombia

Columbia 1

In February of this year, Tirzo Kolfin, Aruba Superintendent, and Rev. Scotty Poole, CHC World Missions Executive Director, were invited to travel to Cali, Colombia, to meet with a group of independent pastors that were interested in becoming a part of the CHC family.  They were able to visit at least five churches, attend and minister at a pastoral prayer meeting, and minister at a local church service.  Pastor Scotty shares, "The Lord moved in every meeting we attended.  The church we attended people were sitting in the street because the building was overflowing."


After meeting with a group of 10 pastors lead by Franklin Quiñones, the decision was made to begin to work toward the churches becoming a part of the CHC family.  However, the necessary work needing to be done, the visit of South American Superintendent Edimar Cordeiro, necessary government paperwork, etc., were all put on hold because of COVID-19 travel restrictions.  Communication never stopped with Franklin and the pastors.

Rev. Franklin Quinones - Superintendent of Columbia

As prayer for direction was sought and Zoom meetings replaced in-person meetings, Rev. Scotty Poole announced on July 1, 2020, the CHC World Missions officially accepted 11 churches and pastors into the CHC family. Pastor Quiñones will serve as the overseer for Colombia.

Rev. Poole states, "We are very blessed to have these brothers and sisters as a part of our family.  There is still work to be completed, and that will be taken care of once travel restrictions are lifted.  The fantastic thing is that through CHC Colombia, there is the possibility of open doors to Ecuador and Peru. Please prayer for CHC Colombia and welcome them to our CHC family.