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CHCWKND is coming May 17-19!


CHCWKND is a time to come together as a family, a church family, a district and a world-wide movement to pray.  This is a weekend set aside for a time of dedicated prayer and fasting for the Congregational Holiness Church.  When the church gathered to pray in the Bible, God moved in mighty ways to lead the Church.  Put it on your calendars now, and invite your friends and family to join in.

We are Better Together!


We have developed a prayer focus to guide us in our prayer time. It is based on the acronym of R.E.N.E.W.A.L.


E - EVERY Family

N - Every NATION

E - EVERY Soul

W - Heart of WORSHIP

A - Spiritual AWAKENING

L - LIVING in Unity


Our Prayer Focus Guide is available to download here.


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Let’s prepare our hearts and minds to enter this time of prayer and fasting as one body and hear and see what God is doing with the CHC family.  I look forward to praying with you, my Congregational Holiness Church family, during the CHCWKND.


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